Webster’s dictionary defines the word connect as a way to establish communication between; to join, link, or fasten together; unite or bind. Disconnect is defined as an interruption to a connection or to detach.

My last blog talked about the fact that I recently realized I had neglected regularly connecting with myself and how that affected my quality of life.  The business of life in 2017, as well as, other circumstances helped create this disconnect.  However, there is more to the story. Continue reading →


Webster’s dictionary describes neglect as: “To pay no attention or little attention to, disregard or slight, to be remiss in the care or treatment of, to omit through indifference or carelessness.”

We have all seen devastating stories on the news of children who were left in a home with no appropriate care. It’s heart wrenching to see and we find it hard to wrap our minds around anyone that could treat a child in this way. This is an extreme example of neglect.

As we think about this subject today there are many areas where neglect can cause us heartache, pain and plummet us straight into difficult circumstances. Continue reading →


James 4 tells us, “What causes quarrels and what causes fights among you? Is it not this, that your passions are at war within you?”  As I watch passionate discussions on social media regarding politics or certain movie’s or differing beliefs James 4 keeps coming to mind.

I have been described many times through out my life as a passionate person.  The dictionary defines passionate as “having, compelled by, or ruled by intense emotion or strong feeling.”  It isn’t wrong to be a passionate person.  I believe it may just be in the DNA of some people.  It’s what we do with our intense emotions that can be right or wrong. Continue reading →

Thoughts regarding “The Shack” (Part two)

I’m not here to defend the author of The Shack or split hairs with theologians regarding the events in the movie.  I’m simply sharing my thoughts of how this movie impacted me.  I do not agree 100% with the author, yet God has used his book/movie to grow my view of God and life.  If we ever reach the place that we stop growing, we are in a dangerous place.   Continue reading →

Thoughts regarding “The Shack” (Part One)

Yesterday Tim and I went to see the movie “The Shack” which is a movie made from a fiction book written by William P. Young.  If you have been in Christian circles over the past ten years, you will know that there is a great deal of controversy regarding many things Paul Young wrote in this book.   Continue reading →

Under His wings

No doubt, facebook has changed the temperature of community. Now everything we think ends up in black and white on a screen. We no longer have to think BEFORE we speak. We have to think BEFORE we type.  Unfortunately, few of us take the time to slow down enough to think.  And some of us suffer the consequences from the intolerant world where we reside.

As I look at our society today I am in disbelief at how diverse the body of Christ has become. Unity is far from what Jesus intended for his body. Being right has trumped being loving.  Being responsible has taken on an entirely new job description.   Continue reading →

Legalism makes me mean

God is showing me so many things these days it will be hard to keep this blog short.  Did you know that you have a fleshly default?  The true you has been made one with Christ!  This means HE has made you holy, righteous, acceptable and loving.  But our ugly flesh patterns can always rise up especially when we are under pressure.  Remember our flesh patterns are unique to us and determined by what we have experienced in life.  My flesh will look different than your flesh.  We learned to cope and meet our own needs our own way at a very young age.  Flesh is independence from God.  Like the song says; “I’ll do it my way.” Continue reading →



Last week we saw an organized march with multitudes of women expressing their right for equality and today many in our society are marching for the unborn who never had a chance to enter life and express their thoughts. Both sides of any dispute are completely convinced they are right and desperately want to show people the light. As I watch the faces and the signs in these marches and hear the reports on the news it is so interesting to see the measure of passion in each person. The fire that fuels passion will many times be their concept of justice. Other times fear can ignite passion. Continue reading →


I found a new hobby that I just love.  Yes, I am one of those people that thoroughly enjoy the adult coloring books.  And I find it quite interesting how God speaks to me through coloring.  I have been pleasantly surprised at how much creativity has come forth as I choose colors and create a beautiful picture.  I have often said over my lifetime, “I don’t have an artistic bone in my body.”  I knew I was creative when it came to writing but art has never been an interest.  However, I have noticed in the past year that colors have come alive to me!   Continue reading →

Things are not always as they seem

Have there been times in your life when you were certain that something was exactly the way you saw it and then found out later you were wrong?   It’s interesting how certain we can become when judging another person’s motives with no concrete proof.  Many times our “concrete proof” is skewed and we are not seeing the entire picture.  Our minds can sometimes convince us (along with the power of indwelling sin) (Romans 7) that something is absolutely true when it is not.  I have encouraged some of my clients to say three words at the end of their definitive thought.  “Maybe, maybe not.” Continue reading →

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