April 2020

What is eternal life?


When we ask people that important question we usually get the same answer.  It’s living forever in heaven.  I believe the Bible

What is eternal life?2020-04-11T14:33:29-04:00

January 2014

Do you want to decrease your pain?


Tim and I see so many people through out the year in horrible pain.  We, also, experience pain in our own lives

Do you want to decrease your pain?2014-01-08T15:31:39-05:00

November 2013

Will the truth set you free?


We often say that children are the best recorders but the worse interpreters.  As I rethink that statement, I think I would

Will the truth set you free?2013-11-23T15:54:00-05:00

June 2013

Chocolate cake and Sexual Temptation


I just read a book that is helping me with my struggle with loving food too much.  Guess what book I read?   “When Good

Chocolate cake and Sexual Temptation2013-06-08T23:30:35-04:00

December 2012

Do you believe?


I’d like to share a meaningful excerpt from Beth Moore’s book, “Jesus the One and Only.” No matter where the angelic ambassador appeared

Do you believe?2012-12-12T16:19:20-05:00
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