March 2023

That stinking flesh


Let’s not put the cart before the horse. Before we talk about flesh, we should first talk about what God given needs

That stinking flesh2023-03-12T06:31:09-04:00

October 2021

Can I have two identities?


There is an article circling the internet that is calling Steven Furtick, and a couple of worship bands, false profits. This came

Can I have two identities?2021-10-28T17:06:41-04:00

May 2020



How’s everyone doing?  I believe this may be week 10 or 11 of our quarantine.  I was so proud of Tim and


July 2019

After Salvation


None of these things are FOR your salvation but will help you grow in your faith, which results in great fulfillment and influence. YOU CAN GROW! II Peter 3:18

After Salvation2021-01-21T12:31:11-05:00

August 2014

Control is overrated


  As you’ve heard me say many times before, walking after the flesh means I’m meeting my own needs my own way. 

Control is overrated2021-01-21T12:38:13-05:00

April 2014

All Things New


It’s Spring time again!  I say those words with mixed emotions as I sneeze, cough and try to catch my breath.  I

All Things New2021-01-21T12:39:33-05:00

January 2014

Do you want to decrease your pain?


Tim and I see so many people through out the year in horrible pain.  We, also, experience pain in our own lives

Do you want to decrease your pain?2021-01-21T12:39:51-05:00

October 2012

What does God want to do with my pain? Part Two


 God does not send suffering upon us, He calls us and sends us into suffering equipped with His life.  (From AELM ADT Manual)

What does God want to do with my pain? Part Two2021-01-21T12:42:19-05:00

What does God want to do with my pain? Part One


I recently had some conversations with some friends who has a different understanding of suffering than I do.  It’s been good for me

What does God want to do with my pain? Part One2021-01-21T12:42:27-05:00

February 2012

What do you think happened to Whitney?


I have never been a groupie but the death of Whitney Houston has really touched me.  What a talented and beautiful lady

What do you think happened to Whitney?2021-01-21T12:48:59-05:00
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