June 2013

Over Indulgence


Where did we learn that if one thing is good then two would be better?  Kids today are learning it from the

Over Indulgence2021-01-21T12:40:42-05:00

April 2013

Belief Systems


Last week I discussed the importance of not allowing our emotions to dictate our decisions.  I made the statement:  So, emotions are

Belief Systems2021-01-21T12:41:13-05:00

January 2013

Starting Over


Do you ever want to start over or have a do over in your life?    The beginning of a new year gives

Starting Over2021-01-21T12:41:55-05:00

June 2012

Compare and you WILL despair!


Haven’t you heard the age old phrase, “God isn’t finished with me yet!”  Why do we put so much pressure on ourselves

Compare and you WILL despair!2021-01-21T12:43:59-05:00

February 2012

What do you think happened to Whitney?


I have never been a groupie but the death of Whitney Houston has really touched me.  What a talented and beautiful lady

What do you think happened to Whitney?2021-01-21T12:48:59-05:00
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