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We are excited to announce that Rebekah’s book entitled “Can God Really Speak Through A Pelican” has been published and is now available for purchase on AMAZON in KINDLE format.

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Rebekah’s Music Video – Watch Rebekah’s music video.  This short video shares the story of Rebekah’s healing from childhood abuse.  God heals in all different ways.  It’s important to allow God to heal you in any way HE chooses.  He does not always do it the same way from person to person.  HE knows exactly what you need.  Trust HIM.

This video is a reenactment of a day Rebekah was led by God to go to the places she grew up.  As she drove, these very songs were being played on the radio.  God was speaking to her through these songs and bringing healing to her soul.

Rebekah’s Music Video  – Click here


Why Brokenness?   by Rebekah Royal

Brokenness is the process in which Jesus conforms me into the image of Himself. As the potter works with the clay, rough edges are removed and the clay is made into something beautiful. Therefore, brokenness is a gift.

When I am suffering, I must set my mind on the truth. It is the firm caress of a loving potter’s hands forming me. I am in the middle of a plan that is unfolding and I will like the results. This circumstance can draw me into a loving intimate relationship with the Potter if I will allow it. Will I trust Him? The Potter loves me more than I can ever imagine. What is now true in my spirit is becoming more and more true in my entire person as I cooperate with the process of brokenness.

People and circumstances become shapers in our lives. Our focus should not be on the shapers. Remember, God is the Potter and He is the one who carefully forms us into His image. Yes, we have an enemy that causes much of our pain. But what Satan means for evil against us, God will use for our good. (Gen.. 50:20) Whether this circumstance has come from the hand of God, our enemy or our own flesh makes no difference. God is in control and uses every opportunity to mold us into the image of Christ.

Royal Life is member of Network 220 (formerly Association of Exchanged Life Ministries)

Exchanged Life Conference – Watch Royal Life Ministries share a portion of their Exchanged Life Conference on line.  There are five parts to this lecture and you can find all five videos below.

Exchanged Life Conference Video – Part 1 of 5:

Exchanged Life Conference Video – Part 2 of 5:

Exchanged Life Conference Video – Part 3 of 5:

Exchanged Life Conference Video – Part 4 of 5:

Exchanged Life Conference Video – Part 5 of 5: