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Tim and Rebekah moved to South Pasadena, FL after residing in Newnan, GA since 1995. They were both raised in the metro Atlanta area. They have been married since 1978 and have a son named Jason. Jason is married to Katie and they reside in Atlanta, GA. They have three sons named Harper, Elliott and Grant. Tim and Rebekah also have a daughter named Christen. Christen resides in LaGrange, GA with her two children, Easton and Ellie.

Royal Life is a member of Network 220 (formerly Association of Exchanged Life Ministries) and the AACC.

Tim and Rebekah both had a lifetime of heartache and brokenness which they brought into their marriage. It is their desire to help couples in the way they were helped through discipleship counseling. After 6 years of a tumultuous marriage, Tim and Rebekah started counseling with a pastor in Fairburn who not only gave them many helpful tools regarding their marriage but more importantly taught them who they were in Christ, how to forgive people from their past and how to grow intimate with not only one another but with their Heavenly Father. They experienced individual healing and growth, as well as a healed marriage.

After seeing the help they received through discipleship counseling they began to seek out training so that they could help other hurting couples. Tim and Rebekah received their training from Grace Ministries International in Marietta, GA. Rebekah completed her internship in 1991 and Tim completed his internship in 1999. Rebekah was on staff with GMI for 8 years.

It is their desire to work with hurting couples and families in whom God sends their way. They have seen much success if a couple is ready and willing to allow God to unveil the real issues at hand and bring healing to hurting hearts. It is exciting to not only watch marriages experience healing but to also watch individuals blossom into the person God intended them to be.

The biggest obstacle for couples to overcome is to stop blaming and to be willing to look at themselves and their contribution to the problem at hand. When two people are willing to work with God on their own issues, the marriage can begin to heal. God has ordained marriage and it is his will for couples to dwell together in unity. Many times God uses the difficulties in marriage to conform us into the image of Christ. Through honesty, forgiveness, compromise and compassion God can not only conform your marriage but also conform your life. The GOOD NEWS is you don’t have to figure out how to make your marriage work in your own self strength. You only have to be willing to allow God to make your marriage into the marriage HE would have you to experience. Your job is to merely cooperate with his working.