January 2020



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May 2024

God and Fun


Thanks Lord, for the opportunity to go speak at the convention this past weekend in Dallas. It’s been a while since I

God and Fun2024-05-07T19:25:58-04:00

April 2024

Where was Jesus?


Symbols are all over the Bible. Many times, people would make something or purchase something to remind them of the incredible experience

Where was Jesus?2024-04-03T22:09:49-04:00

February 2024

Emotional Healing


Many times, emotional healing will come to your heart layer by layer.  The expert healer A/K/A/ Father, Son and Holy Spirit knows

Emotional Healing2024-02-23T11:55:32-05:00

January 2024

Agree to disagree


As I scroll across Christian debates on social media, my curiosity gets the best of me.   As I start reading all

Agree to disagree2024-01-11T20:40:20-05:00

December 2023

The Gift of Presence


Did you know to remain present in a conversation or event it takes intention?  Throughout my life I've been aware that I

The Gift of Presence2023-12-19T19:11:46-05:00

November 2023



Does it come natural to you to give thanks?  Or does it take some real intention?  We just celebrated Thanksgiving 2023.  Many


October 2023

Haunted by False Guilt


Did you grow up in a family that taught you the importance of loyalty, and that you are responsible for others?  In

Haunted by False Guilt2023-10-21T12:09:40-04:00

September 2023

Relaxing – It’s good for the body.


  Relaxing can be easier said than done.  Especially in the high-strung world we live in today.  Our culture is full of

Relaxing – It’s good for the body.2023-10-01T11:05:41-04:00

August 2023

July 2023

“Young Lady, who do you think you are?”


“Young lady, who do you think you are?” Those words became imprinted on my brain with a permanent marker. I rarely felt

“Young Lady, who do you think you are?”2023-07-21T08:55:57-04:00
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