January 2020



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July 2022



There is nothing easy about the choices that have to be made when a young single lady finds herself pregnant. I've been


Healing from abortion


Do I dare touch this topic? Or should I say do I dare not touch this topic? Being a person who likes

Healing from abortion2022-07-01T12:35:43-04:00

June 2022

Forgiveness is a choice


I knew forgiveness was important, but I didn’t have a clue as to how to forgive. Our counselor took us to Colossians

Forgiveness is a choice2022-06-16T22:56:34-04:00

May 2022

Does God care that I’m hurting?


Recently, our family went through a serious and scary emergency with our 13-year-old grandson, Elliott. Our son took him to Urgent Care

Does God care that I’m hurting?2022-05-09T15:55:49-04:00

April 2022

March 2022

February 2022

Our story on the Act 2 Podcast


Have you ever heard our story?  I was honored to speak on the Choosing Him Act 2 Podcast that was released today.

Our story on the Act 2 Podcast2022-02-09T13:02:36-05:00

January 2022

Redeeming Love – No spoilers


Have you ever read something in the Bible that made absolutely no sense to you?  I have to admit that I have,

Redeeming Love – No spoilers2022-01-23T20:59:26-05:00

December 2021

My Christmas by Easton Phillips


Easton, age 8, asked if he could write a blog about our Christmas.  He wrote it out and actually typed it himself.

My Christmas by Easton Phillips2021-12-26T20:47:11-05:00

I Had a Dream


As many of you know, we moved to Florida in June.  This is our first Christmas holiday driving back to GA to

I Had a Dream2021-12-26T20:46:31-05:00
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