July 2019

What is salvation?


If you were raised in the church, you are very familiar with the term salvation. What seems familiar to many people is

What is salvation?2019-07-22T17:59:46-04:00

In the face of death


No one likes to think about death. However, the older a person gets the more the subject will arise through conversations or

In the face of death2019-07-06T03:01:51-04:00

June 2019

Part Two – Why pray?


Last week I started off my blog explaining that I often thought of questions regarding prayer. I truly did not understand it.

Part Two – Why pray?2019-06-08T11:46:54-04:00

May 2019

Why pray?


How often do you pray? This question is not asked to make you feel guilty or condemned. It’s a question that can

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Created for love


Did you know that we were created for love?  The scriptures tell us that God is love and we were made in

Created for love2019-05-15T04:35:06-04:00

February 2019

This is war


Do you ever feel like life is a battle? It seems that things are coming at us from every angle. We are

This is war2019-02-18T21:41:17-05:00

November 2018

Growing through traveling


I’m sitting on a plane traveling home from Breckenridge, CO. I’m thinking about all of the times I’ve flown on a plane

Growing through traveling2018-11-11T16:12:47-05:00

Make no mistake


We just celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary!  It was a glorious time of connecting and reminiscing over the good times and the

Make no mistake2018-11-05T13:17:11-05:00

October 2018

A Dry Season


  Well if you follow my blog you will know that it has been a long time since I’ve written. When ANOTHER

A Dry Season2018-10-04T18:40:08-04:00

April 2018

Perfectly Imperfect Or Imperfectly Perfect


Does perfectionism affect you and your loved ones?  It’s a sneaky coping mechanism (flesh pattern) that can cause a lot of frustration,

Perfectly Imperfect Or Imperfectly Perfect2018-04-13T17:18:41-04:00