Have you ever thought about the fact that God is omnipresent and ubiquitous?  This means He is not limited by time.  He is ever present, everywhere, all the time.  The bible tells us that God is eternal.  He had no beginning and He has no end.  He is not a time creature like us.  He was involved in every single thing that has happened in our lives.  This brings up a very difficult question.  If God was there, at every event, why did He not stop the pain that came into my life?  The common response that you hear from so many people is that He gave man free will so that human beings were not robots who were MADE to love and worship him.  And with that free will came man making some very horrible choices.  Well, that is one explanation.  I’m learning that there are some things that we just won’t fully understand until we get to heaven.

I do, however, know this truth from experience.  Jesus is a redeemer!  He takes the most unlikely things, including abuse and pain, and turns it around for our good and God’s glory.  For me, one way He has done this is through inner healing prayer.  If the bible is true and God is everywhere all the time, then He was there with me when the event that hurt me took place.  Have you ever thought of that fact?  In prayer, we can talk to God about our pain.  We can then, in our imagination (which He gave us) ask Him to go to that painful memory with us.  Will it hurt?  Yes.  Will it be worth it?  YES!!!  Seeing Jesus with you in the memory brings tremendous healing.  Sometimes He will show you a picture of something in your mind, other times He may say something to you that brings deep inner healing.  Is this hocus pocus?  No!  The enemy has taken so many things in this world and twisted them and misused them.  It is not wrong to use your God given imagination to experience the truth of God’s presence in your life.  It’s time we bring back what is rightfully ours.  God gave us our imagination, prayer and eyes of faith.  Will you allow Him to show you what only He can show you about your pain?

This blog was inspired by the song “Take Him to the Place” by Amanda and Aaron Crabb.  In Amanda’s testimony she talks about Mary and Martha’s disillusionment after their brother Lazarus died.  Martha said to Jesus, “If you would have been here this wouldn’t have happened.”   And Mary said, “If you had been here my brother would still be alive.”     Jesus looked at Mary and Martha and said, “Where have you laid Lazarus?”  Now Jesus knew where he was lain.  Another translation says, “Take me to the place where you have laid him.”  So I had to take Christ to that place that I had hidden and sealed the door, the place where my innocence and my purity, my hopes and my dreams had died.  And when he cracked the seal I thought, “But God it’s going to stink.  It’s going to wreak havoc in my atmosphere for a moment.” Yes, dead things stink and sometimes there is a part of us that died in the midst of our pain.  Other times we feel totally bound up.  BUT when HE speaks and HE calls those things forth, it doesn’t matter how bound you are, they have to lose you and let you go.  It’s a matter of having the courage to take Him to that dead, dried up place.  The purpose of Lazarus story was so that God’s glory could be revealed.  Where does God want to take you in your past?  What heart ache have you experienced that HE wants to speak in to?  This is for your healing and for HIS glory.

Listen to the words of this song and let Jesus heal you where you are hurting.