I hope my blogs are encouraging.  Many times I want to write about something that is going on in my life because I believe other’s can relate.  I have been told for years by numerous people, “You are one of the most transparent people I know.”   This week that strikes me as a little funny because all of a sudden I felt the urge to hide.  Hide my flaws, my weaknesses and my insecurities.  Can you relate?  I KNOW that we have an enemy and I should recognize his voice but I’m human and sometimes I forget.     As I lead two small groups and as I mentor friends I began to have these thoughts: “You CAN’T tell them you are struggling!”  “Why would they come to you for counseling if you struggle?” “Why would they support your ministry if you are a mess?”  NOW as I reflect on my week… I’m reminded of something I got from my parents that wasn’t so good.   (By the way, I got good things from my parents too.  My kids got good AND bad things from me too.)  🙂    My Father would sometimes say, “Young Lady, what would the neighbors think?”  Do you think that could be the reason I can sometimes get obsessed with what other’s think of me?  I’m sure that is not the sole reason but it did contribute to my struggle.

WHEN WE WANT TO HIDE, IT IS BECAUSE WE FEEL SHAME.  Shame says, “There’s something wrong with you.  DON’T let anyone know.”  Shame says, “Hang your head and hide.”  Shame says, “You SHOULD be ashamed of yourself.”  So what’s the solution to shame?  Turn on the light!  Jesus said, “HE is the way, the truth and the life.” John 14:6   He also said, “HE is the light of the world!”  John 8:12  When we feel these negative things we should run to our Heavenly Father and say, “What’s the truth?”  Truth dispels lies and light dispels darkness.  By the way, Jesus died to take away your shame! 

Have you ever been in a place that had roaches?  I HATE THEM!  What happens when you turn on the light?  THEY SCATTER!  We don’t have to let the enemy beat up on us with negative and shameful thoughts.  We can say no to these thoughts and ask God to remind us of the truth.  One thing I love about God is that HE gave us a new identity in Christ.  He separates our identity from our behavior.  Our behavior does NOT determine who we are!  If I bark like a dog I am not a dog!  I’m a human being.  If I act insecure and ashamed, I am not insecure and ashamed!  I am in Christ and a daughter of the King of Kings who is being temporarily deceived into believing a lie.  So if you can relate to this blog and you are struggling I have one thing to say…..TURN ON THE LIGHT!


Isaiah 49:23 – “Those who trust in me will never be put to shame.”