I have to share a recent conversation between my grandson and my son:  “Hey Dad, ya know that time you wake up and it’s time to go to school…..and you walk to school naked?”  My son replies, “Uh, no!”  Turns out Elliott had one of “those” dreams.  My grandkid’s are hilarious!  It’s funny how God can use them to bring specific thoughts to my mind when I need to write a blog.  My dream would go like this…..I have a really important appointment first thing in the morning and I oversleep.  I hear a knock at the door and I awaken anxiety stricken!  I’m full of embarrassment as I stumble to the front door. (Yes, we minister out of our home)  I open the door and say, “Well, you get to see the real me today!”  They run from the front door horrified.  Hey girls, don’t tell me you haven’t had a similar dream. 

How many of us have to run a quick errand and what do we say as we walk out of the door with no make up on and our hair undone.  “ I will probably run into ten people today that I know  since I’m looking so bad.”  There was a lady that wrote a book in the last few years.  She decided to go a year with NO MAKE UP on!  Could you do this ladies?

Okay, to not be gender bias….men, can you picture yourself running an errand in your pajama’s, coffee breath and unshaven.  Gosh, that scenario was hard to come up with. (Men have it so easy!!!)  Wait, maybe it should go like this for the men.  You get fired from your last two jobs and you are just going to drop off your resume at a potential job site that you THOUGHT was closed. (Remember unshaven, P.J.s etc.)   Your plans were to put your resume in the mailbox.  The President of the company opens the door and says, “Can I help you?”  You look astonished as you look down and discover you left your resume at CFA on the table.  Now you’ve made a bad impression AND other’s in your world are going to know you’ve been fired TWICE!  Did that get your heart beating fast?

Who are you?  Does your appearance determine who you are?  How about your resume?  Bank account?  What other people think  of you?  Who you know?  I’m so thankful that we are NEW CREATIONS IN CHRIST! II Corinthians 5:17, I Corinthians 6:11 and 17,  Lord, don’t give up on me (and I know you won’t) until I “get it” all the way down to the core of my being.  I AM lives inside of me and HAS changed me. (I John 4:17 As HE is so are we in this world.) HE IS/I AM Holy, Righteous, Loving, Acceptable, Forgiving, Secure, Adequate, Safe, Competent…  Did you know that what you believe about yourself WILL determine your behavior?  I’m so thankful for God’s gift to us and what a gift!!! HE gave us HIMSELF and HIS attributes.  Remember, truth is what God says, regardless, of how I feel, think or act.