Did you know that we were created for love?  The scriptures tell us that God is love and we were made in His image.  Therefore we can give love and we can receive love.  A constant flow of love travels through the Father to you and to me. We, in turn, allow His love to flow from us to others who in turn, allow the love of the Father to flow through them back to us.  It’s a beautiful process.   However, there is a villain in all of our stories that hates love.  A literal person who makes it his highest priority to bring the very opposite of love into our lives.  The scriptures refer to this person by many names.  His name is not important but it is important to know his heart is bad, his plans are relentless and he is the one behind the tragedies in your life.  He plants seeds of selfishness, greed, pride and evil in the hearts of the abuser and enables them to do the unthinkable.  Deception is his game and pain, sin and destruction are his goals.  In my present journey I especially love Genesis 50:20 in the amplified version.  “As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good in order to bring about this present outcome, that many people would be kept alive (as they are this day).”  Are you living?  I mean really living.  So many of God’s children are walking dead.  We were meant for more!  I want to help bring hurting people back to real life.

No matter what you have been through and no matter how it feels or how it looks, you are safe in the arms of a loving God who resides in you. There is purpose in your life. You are redeemed and you are redeemable! We are created for love.

Do you believe me?  You see, our beliefs will determine how we feel and how we behave.  If I believe my life is over and that I am flawed beyond repair, I will feel desperation and depression.  I will also act desperate, depressed and hopeless.  Our emotions faithfully follow our thoughts and then our will has a huge job on its hands to try to not follow the flawed emotion.  This is why the enemy will absolutely go after your thoughts more than anything at all.  This is why the scriptures tell us to put on the helmet of salvation and to take every thought captive to Him.   Jesus tells us we already HAVE the victory through Him!  But if we believe we fall short every single time of any victory in our lives we will act accordingly.  You may say, “Well that’s always the case for me!”  Then I will remind you that emotions and choices follow your thoughts.  Have you been thinking I never have success? I can guarantee you that you were. So how do you change? This is where you start; “I will NOT entertain one thought of defeat or hopelessness.  I will set my mind on God’s truth because His truth is certain.  And I can count on Him!”

After years of being convinced of my inept ability to do anything right I became paralyzed in my emotions. I felt flawed to the very core.  So I believed I was damaged beyond repair but I would still try anything and everything to make myself feel better.  You see, there is a fighting tenacity inside the heart of a human being because remember we are made for love.  The real you and me will not go down without a fight.  That’s why when we subside to hopelessness it may feel like we went down and it’s over but it isn’t long before we rise up and try one more thing to feel better.  For me it was food, shopping, counselor’s, books, workshops, conferences, therapy, and the list goes on and on.  Some of these things were God directed for my healing and some of these things were fear directed. How did I know the difference?  The fear directed activities brought mostly emptiness and a sense of disappointment.  The God directed activities always brought life and love. God wasn’t surprised at my constant endeavors for relief nor was he frustrated with me.  He lovingly walked with me (actually he walked in me) as I continued on my journey of healing.  And he will do the same for you.