I am in no way putting down fellow believers, but addressing something I struggle with and wonder how many others might struggle also.  I never want to go back to the days where fear and legalism legislate my life, however, it’s hard to know what to do with the world that we live in today.  Some of my struggle could be my age.  The “generation gap” is a real thing.  I’m sure my parents and grandparents struggled with their culture, as well.  When and how do we take a stand against people’s choices that are hurting others?  The Bible calls us to be salt and light.  Salt makes one thirsty and light leads the way.  Jesus says when we drink from his well that we will never thirst again. (John 4:14)

I grew up in a church when end time prophecy was taught passionately.  I see so many things coming to pass that I heard predicted as a little girl.  I am a Christ follower and I do believe that one day Jesus is returning to this earth.  The Bible is clear that no one knows the day or the time.  And honestly, I have little concern about that subject.  I welcome his return and look forward to a day when there are no more tears and pain.    However, I do struggle with the temperature of our culture these days. Mainly because I have precious grandchildren that I love dearly and I know the heart ache that comes from living a life depending solely on oneself.  The culture does not influence us to bow to a Sovereign God.  Our human tendencies are not to humble ourselves and admit that we need a Savior.  The culture says, “You can do it and you don’t need anybody.”  God says, “I never created you with the capacity to handle the stress that comes in this world, you need me.”   The culture says, “I’m a good person, I’ll be fine.”  God says, “If righteousness could be attained by the law, Christ would have died needlessly.”    “There must be a rebirth.” (John 3)

Many of the things that are now acceptable in our culture are harming so many.  We are like the frog that is boiling slowly in the hot water not knowing that their death is imminent.  I do not believe that God motivates us through fear.  He motivates us through love.  His Word says that his kindness leads us to repentance.  (Romans 2:4)  Do you know how good he really is?  Repentance is a change of mind and a turning in an opposite direction.  I think about Jesus praying for Jerusalem in the scriptures.  He said, “Oh Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the city that kills the prophets and stones those sent to her!  How often I wanted to gather your children together, just as a hen gathers her brood under her wings, and you would not have it. (Luke 13:34)   Do you hear his heart?

When I think about many in the world, I don’t want an “us verses them” mentality.  I don’t want to have a dogmatic legalistic angry response about some of the things that are going on. Yes, Jesus does talk about righteous indignation but to hear some Christians speak it is heartbreaking.  They act like they hate certain people.  I want to love people and live a life that brings an attraction to those that don’t know God.  But loving them also means showing them that “There is a way that seems right to a man but in the end leads to destruction.” (Proverbs 14:12)  I don’t want to panic when I see the direction the world is headed.  My heart just wants to cry out to everyone that God’s ways are best!  His word is true!  The enemy is real!  You really do need to come into a relationship with Jesus.  It’s the most important decision you will ever make.

Christians should be the most secure, confident and peaceful people in our world.  We know the end of the story.  We know the author of the story and we are dearly loved. Sin does not surprise God.  We should not be surprised at our culture and we need to know that according to the Bible it will get worse.  But we have a Savior that will go to any length to rescue people.  He is pursuing everyone and he does it many times through us.  Not by preaching or lecturing but by building relationships with people and loving them.  Allowing them to see that believers do have something that is attractive and his name is Jesus.  Everyone wants to experience a confident inner peace and to know that they are secure and loved.  I love Romans 8 which says NOTHING CAN SEPARATE US FROM THE LOVE OF GOD!”  I am so grateful and I plan to hold tightly to the anchor that is him as we continue to watch our world change day by day.  How about you?  Do you know him?  Are you growing in your relationship with him?