Many times, emotional healing will come to your heart layer by layer.  The expert healer A/K/A/ Father, Son and Holy Spirit knows exactly what they are doing!  They know what we can handle and when we are ready to look at a painful incident.  If you have experienced a lot of hurt in your life, you may grow weary when God wants to address another layer.  Why do we think we will eventually arrive in the area of emotional health?  We live in a fallen world and hurts continue to come our way as we go through life.  Hopefully we will choose to be proactive at addressing childhood pain so that we are better able to handle the arrows that pierce our hearts in adulthood.

Often, a current hurtful incident is exaggerated in our minds because it is triggering a similar incident in our past.  This is why it’s so important to allow God to show you what hurt you as you grew up.  He shows us so that he can heal us.  We can take on a lot of false beliefs as children that can remain with us throughout our lives.  It’s helpful to find a trusted counselor to walk with you on this journey.  Unfortunately, feeling the pain of the hurt is a necessary step so that you can heal.  But we are never left in our pain.  We are walking through the pain to the other side, and we are not alone.  Jesus walks with us.

No one knows you like your Heavenly Father, your creator.  He knows us better than we know ourselves.  Sometimes we don’t know why we are feeling pain in a certain area.  He’s ready and willing to show us if we will just ask him.  “Lord, what do you want me to know about this pain or event?”  He speaks to us through His word, through our spirit, through other people, along with a multitude of other ways.  But you have to listen.

Recently I had some emotional healing in two different areas.  It has been a long time since God has pointed out a wound in my heart and brought healing.  The first area was quite shocking.  It seemed obvious that I had made a certain vow when I got hurt.  But for whatever reason God decided now was the time he wanted to deal with that coping mechanism that I chose as a teenager.  Vows say, “I will never _______” or “I will make sure _________.”   Control is an illusion.  We are human beings; we are not God.  We blurt out those words out of deep hurt.  Often it is time to renounce those vows and put our trust back into the trustworthy one who can do something about the injustice.  Our Heavenly Father cares about every detail of your life.  His ultimate goal is to have an intimate relationship with us so that we walk through life together.  He is a friend that sticks closer than a brother. (Proverbs 18:24) However, if we have a distorted concept of God, we could believe several lies such as: “He’s not concerned with little old me.  He’s got bigger things to do than care about this incident.  He’s not trustworthy and doesn’t care.  He’s angry and just like my earthly father.  Believing these lies will keep us stuck.  We can’t go to a Heavenly Father with our pain if we don’t trust him or are afraid of him.

God loves you unconditionally.  He is pursuing a deep relationship with you.  Those who seek him find him, AND HE remains faithful even when we remain faithless. (Jeremiah 29:13, II Timothy 2:13) He never gives up on us.  If you have given up on God, take a step back and reconsider that you may be believing some lies about Him.  He truly cares and is always right there ready to talk.

Don’t get discouraged if he’s bringing up something hurtful that you thought you had addressed.  There could be a deeper layer that he wants to address and bring closure.  It is ALWAYS for your good and for your freedom.