May 2024

God and Fun


Thanks Lord, for the opportunity to go speak at the convention this past weekend in Dallas. It’s been a while since I

God and Fun2024-05-07T19:25:58-04:00

January 2024

Agree to disagree


As I scroll across Christian debates on social media, my curiosity gets the best of me.   As I start reading all

Agree to disagree2024-01-11T20:40:20-05:00

October 2022

Does God Really Speak Today?


We all understand that God speaks through His Word any time it is read or remembered. We should never take for granted

Does God Really Speak Today?2022-10-29T20:42:16-04:00

August 2022

Guard your heart


The scriptures tell us to "Guard our hearts above all else for it determines the course of your life. (Proverbs 4:23) But

Guard your heart2022-08-26T06:28:28-04:00

July 2022

Healing from abortion


Do I dare touch this topic? Or should I say do I dare not touch this topic? Being a person who likes

Healing from abortion2022-07-01T12:35:43-04:00

June 2021

Where do you live?


We recently moved to FL and I am on a learning curve when it comes to finding my bearings.  To say I

Where do you live?2021-06-17T19:06:23-04:00

April 2020

What is eternal life?


When we ask people that important question we usually get the same answer.  It’s living forever in heaven.  I believe the Bible

What is eternal life?2021-01-21T12:29:33-05:00

February 2020

The Fearful American Christian


I am in no way putting down fellow believers, but addressing something I struggle with and wonder how many others might struggle

The Fearful American Christian2021-01-21T12:29:59-05:00

April 2018

Perfectly Imperfect Or Imperfectly Perfect


Does perfectionism affect you and your loved ones?  It’s a sneaky coping mechanism (flesh pattern) that can cause a lot of frustration,

Perfectly Imperfect Or Imperfectly Perfect2021-01-21T12:33:15-05:00

December 2017

What is truth?


There is one question that I encourage my counselee’s to ask God when they are in a state of confusion. “Father what

What is truth?2021-01-21T12:33:25-05:00
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