August 2019

Trust: The antidote to doubt


God has been speaking to me so much since writing my last blog. That was one of the most honest and transparent

Trust: The antidote to doubt2019-08-27T12:57:37-04:00

Confessions of a doubter


When you hear the word doubt what comes to your mind? If you have been around the Bible for any length of

Confessions of a doubter2019-08-26T19:56:29-04:00

March 2016

I Wanna Know


Do you ever feel like you have to learn the same lessons over and over?  As I walk through this journey called

I Wanna Know2016-03-31T17:20:53-04:00

May 2015

April 2014

All Things New


It’s Spring time again!  I say those words with mixed emotions as I sneeze, cough and try to catch my breath.  I

All Things New2014-04-07T16:30:18-04:00

September 2012

Emotions, Politics and God


The subject of politics is not one of my favorite topics.  I steer clear of conversations regarding the subject.  I’m skeptical and

Emotions, Politics and God2012-09-04T02:30:48-04:00

February 2012

Can our heart still be wicked?


Looks like I’m writing another blog that could be seen as controversial.  I guess Father has decided to stretch me in this

Can our heart still be wicked?2012-02-16T03:36:25-05:00
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