Tim and I see so many people through out the year in horrible pain.  We, also, experience pain in our own lives because experiencing pain is a “human” experience.  And we are all human.   But what I see over and over and wish people could understand is that many times we make our pain worse by focusing on the pain and replaying the conversation or situation over and over in our minds.  We then begin to BELIEVE many things about this situation that may not be 100% true.  Were you rejected?  Possibly.  Were you offended?  Probably.  Are you out of control?  Absolutely!  Were you devalued?  Now that’s a tricky one!  I’m learning that no one can devalue you unless you allow them to devalue you because the God of this Universe has declared you valuable.

The truth: some people misunderstand, some people see things differently than you, some people walk after the flesh and can be mean, some times we also let other’s down, God knows what I’m going through and already has a plan for HIS glory and my good, I can trust Father with my child who is making bad choices, I am deeply loved, God IS in control and He IS good. 

The lies:  I am a failure.  I’m an awful person.  I’m never going to get “it” right.  OR  People can not be trusted.  All people (except me) are idiots. 🙂  My life will NEVER get any better, my kid is going to end up in prison, I will never be loved etc. (It should be a red flag if you hear the words NEVER or ALWAYS.)  If we wake up feeding those thoughts I’m surprised any of us can even get out of the bed.

Our enemies: The flesh and Satan have a field day in our minds when we get hurt.  But scripture says to take EVERY thought captive to Christ.  (II Corinthians 10:5)  The flesh (our learned coping mechanisms, or our self strength or our independent way of handling life without God) will be with us until the day we die.  But we can learn it’s ways and choose to walk after the spirit instead of the flesh.  Walking after the flesh will eventually bring us pain.  You can count on it!   (Romans 8:5-6)  Satan, the enemy of the child of God, IS relentless in trying to destroy you.  The bible is clear on this subject. (I Peter 5:8)  I don’t believe it’s something to take lightly but also not something to fear.  When I see people under major attack; it clues me in that they are a serious threat to the Kingdom of darkness.

So hang in there.  When you have a thought; ask God if it is true.  Ask God what IS the actual truth about this situation.  If you are hurt, forgive and ask God IF it needs to be discussed with the offender.  IF you feel you should; forgive first and then ask Jesus to help you speak the truth in love.  Put your eyes back on Jesus and your new identity that HE freely gives to you.  And don’t forget, we are in a spiritual battle but the war is won!  That fact is so important to remember!

 Rebekah Head Shot