I am so completely inspired to write this blog on this rainy Sunday afternoon.  It is also Oscar Sunday!  Yes, I am one of those people that look forward to the red carpet and the awards show.  I know these “stars” are no different than you or me but I still find myself intriqued with their lifestyle, personalities and appearance.

This morning I attended our home church as we do most Sundays.  You’ve heard me say before how much I love my church.  Today was once again exceptional  worship and another eye opening message.  I’ve never been more proud to be a part of a church who is making huge strides in the community in which we live.  The pastors and elders of this church have made a deliberate choice to live out what we preach.  In doing so, God has opened door after door of opportunities to make a difference in the Fayette County community.  The people at Grace Church are some of the most real and generous people I’ve ever met.  Long time friendships are common.  Is it a perfect church?  By no means!  But I’m proud of this church and I know Jesus is too.

One group of people this church reaches out to is families with special needs children.  We have several kids and young adults who attend our church.  I just happened to sit behind a precious young adult with special needs this morning.  My heart was so touched as I watched this young man worship.  I’ve noticed over months how he cannot be still during worship.  He truly dances for the Lord.  This morning was no different.  To see his father (I assume) sit by him and continually rub his back was also so touching.  This young man not only dances but he sings, loud!  And when he lifted his hand in praise it was beautiful.  Even though he physically could not lift his arm straight up.  It brought me to tears as I thought about what we teach.  We are all made up of body, soul AND spirit.  This young man may be handicapped in his physical body but his spirit is NOT handicapped.  He is praising God like no other.

So back to the title of this blog...I believe the oscar goes to..….drum roll please…..Grace Evangelical Church in Fayetteville, GA.  And I’m so proud to be a part of Grace and want to join them in this adventure of watching Jesus use us in the lives of ALL people.  Thank you Gary Franklin and Mike Stachura and the elders of our church for leading us with such grace.  You are leading us through being an example and that is refreshing! Ephesians 2:7 -” God can point to us in all future ages as examples of the incredible wealth of his grace and kindness toward us, as shown in all he has done for us who are united with Christ Jesus.”   Not bragging!  Anything God does through us is HIM in us!  We are all rich with the grace and kindness from God!  Let’s share it with others.