This title seemed so right to me earlier in the month.   If we love ourselves, we will take care of ourselves. But it is never that straight forward. Even though I still think most of us do not have a love relationship with our bodies, we need more than to love ourselves. We need God. Since the food industry is so incredibly screwed up and there is so much unhealthy ingredients in our food (mainly sugar in EVERYTHING); our answer is not a matter of only making a choice. I’m sure you’ve heard it said,”Make a decision!”  Addiction calls for a supernatural intervention. Our bodies are absolutely addicted to sugar.  Now here is the good news; our Heavenly Father delights in answering our desperate call for HIS supernatural intervention. HE created our bodies and HE knows how our brains and physical beings are wired. And HE knows how deceptive and dangerous our food industry has become. However, we are not helpless victims to our culture.

The first step to change is to get educated. As I research and read about our current food industry I am shocked. We can no longer trust the U.S. Drug and Food Administration to guide our decisions regarding food.

God’s word teaches us that we are stewards. Stewards of our assets AND our very lives. After the first step to change there is a second. Without the second nothing will change. So once we are aware of the situation we need to make a choice. The choice is to say no to things that are not good for us and to say yes to things that are good for us. Sounds simple, right? Wrong! Because we live in a fallen world with a vicious enemy we need God to help us make the right choice. So allow me to change my steps and make Step 1 – Depending on God’s strength that is in you.  God absolutely delights in DEPENDENCE on Him. Jesus says in John, “Apart from my Heavenly Father I can do nothing.” If Jesus could do nothing apart from God, neither can we.

Your Heavenly Father is passionately wild about you. He’s FOR you! He went to the cross so that He can be in relationship with you AND He desires that you walk in victory. And by the way, He doesn’t want to just casually know you; He wants to be intimate with you. Here is another opportunity to lean on Him and bond with Him as you strive with HIS strength to live in the culture but not be controlled by the culture.

Suggested prayer:  Jesus, thank you for loving me and telling me in Your WORD that you have a future and a hope for me.  I admit that apart from you I can do nothing.  Convince me of the strength I have in you.  I admit that I need you and I choose to rely on you to help me walk in victory with my health and every area of my life.