Food can be so delicious!  It all started in the garden of Eden.  God created everything and he said, “It is good!”  (Except God said it wasn’t good for Adam to be alone.  He needed Eve.). Adam was even allowed to participate with God in the growing of fruits and vegetables.  As Adam toiled the fields he probably felt a lot of fulfillment.  Can you even imagine what those fruits and vegetables looked like and how they tasted?  A problem always arises when human beings take what is good and try to make it better in their own strength and intellect.  Isn’t that how the story in the garden went south?  The evil one said,  “Did God really say?  Oh, He just doesn’t want you to be as good as Him but you can be a god too!”  Thus started the mantra, “I did it my way!”  But our way didn’t work.  We did not get what the evil one promised.  We made things worse.

I like good food and I cannot lie. (Isn’t that a song?). As I’ve stated in a previous blog, just because something is good does not mean MORE makes it better.  Whether it is money, sex, fame or food; we can downward spiral quickly into deception.

God created food for our enjoyment and for our physical well being.  The bible is full of festivals and celebrations and stories regarding food.  In ancient days a meal was never “fast food” but a lingering of palate enjoyment and relationship enhancement.  A meal could last a couple of hours with family and friends.  We humans add a little (no, a lot) of sugar and man made ingredients, throw up a drive thru on every corner, create busy lives with no margin and wonder why we feel so bad.  What happened to the way it was suppose to be?  We messed it up!

I have been on a physical health journey for a year.  Over the holidays I, like most everyone, ate things I don’t normally eat.  I also got so busy I neglected the nutritional things I was doing for several days.  Within 3 days I was feeling terrible physically AND emotionally.  Within 24 hours of changing my choices back to what I have been doing all year through good nutrition and Juice Plus I was feeling back to normal.  And I like my new normal!  This only strengthened my belief in proper nutrition.

I really enjoyed some of those holiday foods but the problem came when I thought, “Hmmm, that was soooo good I think I’ll have another.”  More is not better!  Isn’t it great to taste something wonderful that you haven’t tasted in a while?   Oh, the joy of eating!  As I look back over the past 15 years I now realize that you really lose the joy of eating when you reward yourself with party food every day.  Temporary enjoyment will bring (almost) permanent misery and defeat.  I’m so glad God made our bodies to rejuvenate every few weeks or months.  We ALWAYS  have another chance to get it right.

Food is not the enemy.  Food IS our friend.  But don’t let this friend deceive you into thinking it can solve all of your problems.  A spontaneous visit from an old friend can become frustrating and even unhealthy when they linger too long.  However, a short and spontaneous visit from a friend you have not seen in a while is a welcomed refreshment.  Perfection is not the goal but persistence in changing some of your choices will pay you great dividends!

We need to get back to the joy of eating.  As you relearn how to enjoy God’s clean food you will enjoy the splurges even more.  But a splurge is not lingering.  And if you linger, you will ruin the experience and put your health at risk.  I am amazed at how much I enjoy healthy eating once I start consistently eating healthy foods.  I am even experiencing the JOY of eating when I’m not eating the bad stuff.  Give it a try.  You may be surprised.