One of the things that I am learning is that my taste buds are fickle.  When I was newly married to Tim, I only ate certain foods.  I would say that I did not like something when I had actually never tasted it.  It amazes me how convinced I can be of something totally ridiculous.  As I slowly began to taste certain foods off of Tim’s plate; I realized I did indeed like more foods than I thought.  (Not sure that is a blessing! Maybe ignorance IS bliss.)  

I have discovered that when you eat healthy, you do actually begin to crave healthy foods.  As you detox from sugar and processed foods; eventually you don’t miss it like you thought you would miss it.  Sugar CREATES cravings for more sugar.  Years ago I did the “Sugar Busters” diet and was amazed that I never felt hungry.  It also amazed me that healthy sweet foods such as fruit began to taste VERY sweet and satisfied my taste buds.

I LOVE food!  It’s been a well known fact to my friends.  It’s something we have laughed about over the years.  In the past month I have heard God say to me, “Rebekah, I’m glad you love food.  I created food for your pleasure.”  Hmmmm, now that’s a wierd thought!  It must be from the devil!  But then I think about how food is talked about in the bible.  Festivals and banquets that involved lots of delicious food were very common.  The bible talks about the wonderful banquet we will enjoy in heaven.  Friends nurture their relationships in many cultures through regular and lengthy meals with one another.

I’ve been doing my best to eat  healthy MOST of the time and what I have discovered is that there are a lot of healthy foods that taste good.  I was so delighted!  You don’t have to feel deprived of great tasting food just because you are being healthy.  The key to success is finding those healthy foods that taste good to you.

Now back to the title of this blog…tastebuds are fickle!  As I began eating healthy, there was food that I wasn’t crazy about the first time I ate it.  But as I tried it two or three more times, it began tasting better and better.  We are not toddlers!  We don’t have to spit out a bite of food because it didn’t taste good to us.  This is what my grandson’s do!  They will eat a certain food one week and then spit it out the next.  Proof that taste buds are fickle.  LOL

So what’s the point?  Don’t be so convinced you don’t like a certain food.  Give it a chance!  After several try’s you can mark it off your food list and move on to something else.   So much of our failures are due to believing lies.  Don’t be so quick to reject a healthy food just because you THINK you don’t like it.  And remember, every thought that comes into your mind is not your thought!  “I don’t like that!” just may be piercing your thinking process from a fiery dart from the evil one.  Remember he doesn’t want you victorious or healthy.