I’m not here to defend the author of The Shack or split hairs with theologians regarding the events in the movie.  I’m simply sharing my thoughts of how this movie impacted me.  I do not agree 100% with the author, yet God has used his book/movie to grow my view of God and life.  If we ever reach the place that we stop growing, we are in a dangerous place.  The thing that bothers me so much about the post I see on Face Book from people discrediting the movie is the attitude behind the post.  It is either an attitude of fear or an attitude of arrogance.  Religion always brings both.  God is big enough to show me what He wants me to see in this movie and He’s big enough to put a check in my spirit if there needs to be a check in my spirit.  Fear use to run my life and I won’t go back to being the over responsible Christian that makes it my fault if I unknowingly lead someone to a mistaken belief. I also won’t go back to thinking I am right about every single thing I believe and arrogantly back it up with scriptures I pull from the Bible.  It’s important to take the entire counsel of God’s word.  We can pull out scriptures here and there and make the Bible say just about anything.  I’m also done with putting a pastor on a pedestal thinking he cannot be in error with anything he says.

Since I come from a background of abuse the movie surprisingly did hit me at a vulnerable place.  I have forgiven the people who have hurt me through years of counsel.  But have I really stopped being their judge?  The part of the movie where Mackenzie had a discussion with lady wisdom opened my eyes to another level where God wants to bring healing.  It was insightful to see how she talked about the person that hurt you was also hurt.  And the person that hurt that person was hurt.  We can take this tragedy all the way back to the garden of Eden.  I knew that fact but it hit me at a deeper emotional level as I watched the movie.  It’s painful to “let something go.”  I came back from the movie and took a walk on the beach by myself.  I forgave the people who hurt me once again and released my right to judge them.  It brought more freedom to my soul.  

I believe it’s impossible for the human race to fully understand the reason and meaning behind the allowance of murder, abuse, war and downright meanness.  Paul Young’s attempt to explain it was probably lacking but he sure did a great job trying.  No doubt he was inspired by Papa as he wrote.  Does that mean every single word was inspired by Papa?  Probably not.  After all he is still human.  Why do we expect perfection from a mere human being?  The sad words come to mind as I write.  “Christians are notorious for shooting their own wounded.”  And that my friend is wrong.  

If you have known me for any length of time you know that Facebook has been a hobby for me.  It’s brought me a lot of joy as I see post from my kids about my grandkids and as I stay connected with family in other states.  It’s  been a diary for me and I love I can see things I posted in previous years. Another thing Facebook has done for me is it has made me stop trying to please everyone.  In the beginning I would not post anything that might upset someone.  God has been trying to grow me up in this area for years.

Can I love me and be me even if other’s disagree?  I think I am finally there.  I think. 🙂 Am I responsible for other people’s feelings and frustration?  No, everyone is responsible for their own feelings and actions.  Is it okay if someone I love disagrees with me?  Yes, I will not fall into a puddle of despair.  Can I let my family and friends have their own opinions even if I passionately disagree?  Yes, I’m learning to let everyone be on their own journey trusting our Heavenly Papa to open their eyes in HIS timing.  Can I be wrong in what I believe?  Absolutely, I know I’m a work in process!  And so are you!    I so love the fact that God’s word tells me “HE will complete the work HE has started in me.  And I find great security in knowing “Greater is He who is me then he that is in the world.”     Can we just love one another while we are in process?  Can we recognize we are all a work in process?  Can we understand Paul Young is a work in process?  Can we trust our Heavenly Father to take care of our friend’s who stray in a way we would not go?  You see, He cares about our loved ones even more than we do.  I don’t think He is caught off guard or is wringing His hands in worry if his child explores his beliefs.

Will we trust our ability to not be taken hostage by error if we go see a simple movie that tells a fictitious story about God?