Last week I started off my blog explaining that I often thought of questions regarding prayer. I truly did not understand it. How could I make a difference by praying a prayer? God is, well, God! He will do what He wants to do. I ended my blog sharing a portion of a prayer that Jesus prayed for you and me. Does that seem like an oxymoron? Jesus prayed. Yes, He actually prayed for us 2000 years ago. Doesn’t it touch your heart when someone tells you they have been praying for you? I know it touches my heart. Prayer is one of the most important things we can do for a person. That’s probably why the enemy goes after that activity so ferociously.

Did you know prayer goes two ways? Sometimes we can just close our eyes and get quiet and listen. Yes, I believe God puts thoughts in our minds to affirm us and lead us. And yes, I know He uses scripture to speak to us also. Many times the thoughts in our minds will include scriptures. Or a song will sometimes come to mind and I’ll wonder why. I’ll look up the lyrics and it’s exactly what I need. That’s no coincidence.

Have you ever felt so distressed that you just had no words? The Bible tells us that at those times in our lives the spirit IN US will pray for us with words we cannot even get out! So we can sit in silence with our focus on Him and He will know our hearts. I mean, He created our hearts! He knows what we feel and need more than we do.

Maybe prayer is more about just being WITH Him. Yes I know we can never physically be away from Him because the Bible says we are now one. He lives in us if we have invited Him in. But don’t you just love it when a person is totally engaged with you in conversation. They are not looking at their phones or around your shoulder. Those conversations are meaningful. God loves us to BE with Him. So prayer is not so much about eloquent words or about the amount of time we spend talking. Prayer is about focusing on Him and enjoying Him focusing on you. He loves you and He loves spending time with you. He cares about what you care about. He wants to give you what you were created for. Himself! You need Him! I need Him! Undivided attention that will literally change your life from the God of the Universe who also happens to be your Heavenly Father.