Do you ever wonder where Jesus is when everything is falling apart?  Maybe you didn’t know that Jesus is really with you.  As a matter of fact He is IN you, if you have invited Him into your life.  We may intellectually know that fact but we don’t always “experience” His presence.  It brings me great comfort to know that I am not alone.  Especially in the day and time we are living right now.  The Coronavirus did not take God by surprise and He is not wringing His hands with worry.  He did not cause it and He has promised to use it.  If we could only see today through the lens of eternity, we would be amazed at all God is doing.  

Don’t get me wrong.  He cares that His children are hurting and sick.  He was with those who have passed from this life into the next.  He weeps and HE comforts the grieving.  Just because He knows about all of the good things that are coming from this season, does not mean that His heart does not hurt when we hurt.  We are His children.

Easter is only two weeks away.  Do you remember Jesus’ words in the Garden of Gethsemane?  “God, if there is any way this cup can pass from me, please let it.  Nevertheless, not my will but yours be done.”  He had so much anxiety about His death that His sweat was like drops of blood.  Yes, Jesus knows what it is like to be anxious.  But He also knows how to refocus and set His mind on truth.  He knows how to put the enemy in his place and He knows how to choose to trust the Father, even when His emotions are going off the chart. 

Tim and I watched the movie, “I still believe” tonight.  The movie is a true story about the life of Jeremy Camp.  He went through unbelievable hurt when his fiancé discovered she had cancer.  I won’t ruin the story for you but her pain and his pain was unbearable.  Nothing made any sense to them.  We are in the midst of our entire world being affected by an invisible enemy that is taking life after life.  It is scary.  Some will be tempted to get angry at God and some will turn their back on their faith.  If that is how you are feeling, it’s okay.  Be real and tell God how you are feeling.  He already knows it anyway and it’s important that you keep talking.  When we feel those emotions, it’s crucial to not stuff them or ignore them.  We have to process them.  God is a big Heavenly Father who is never angry at our honesty.  As a matter of fact, He welcomes it.  We cannot have intimacy with anyone, including God, without first having honesty.

When you are hurting will you pause, close your eyes and ask Him where He is?  His presence brings incredible comfort.  God gave us an imagination and He will use it.  Our brain is a powerful force.  I can’t tell you the number of times I could picture God in the room with me when I was hurting.  Sometimes I feel like He says something to me and other times I feel comfort just seeing Him with me.  Let’s live out our faith.  God is not just someone that we read about and go to a church to worship.  He is with us!  He is in us!  He is real!  And He wants to comfort us!