Tim and I recently made a life changing decision.  We are moving to Florida.  As friends reach out to get together, I am loving the conversations that we are sharing.  We are not saying goodbye but see you later.  No doubt, we will be back often to see our family.  We will miss our lunches together but nothing can change our friendships.  And thanks to technology, we will always stay in touch.  In a few days, I will post the “story” as to why Tim and I are moving to Florida.  It is not a decision that we took lightly.

I love having friends who understand that God is very involved in every area of our lives.  He is real and He is personal.  He can make His love and voice so evident to you, that there is no doubt you are hearing Him.  Some may think this is an arrogant statement.  But He doesn’t just do this for a chosen few.  He is waiting and ready to do it for you too.  He loves connecting with His children.  This week a dear friend encouraged me so much.  She could also see the hand of God in our decision..  At the end of our time together she told me one of her recent “God stories.”  I have invited her to share this story here on my blog. I loved how real she could be with God.   I hope it blesses you as much as it blessed me.

My name is Carole Cravey.  I want to tell you how God answered a small but important prayer from me on April 10th in 2019 at exactly 9:00AM.

About 10 years ago, my husband, JD, and I received a Christmas gift from our oldest son and his wife.  It was an unusual but beautiful clock.  Every hour on the hour it would play music.  The face of the clock would move in different directions but just as the music would end all of the face components would have moved back to the correct place and at the correct time.  We loved the clock and were amazed at the ingenuity it took to create it.

At the base of the clock, there was a crystal and gold Crown that continually moved in a circle.

The clock worked as it should day in and day out.  Then one day in early 2016 the clock mysteriously stopped playing music.  I changed the batteries and still no music played.  The clock kept perfect time, but no music.  The beautiful Crown continued to turn, but no music.  I took the clock to a man who was known for being able to repair any clock.  Alas, he told me he could not open this clock because only the clock manufacturer could do that.  I was told to send it to the manufacturer to get it repaired.  No, I wasn’t going to let it out of my sight because it was so special.  Most of the time shippers did not handle fragile items as they should.  So we just enjoyed a clock that kept good time and watching the Crown turn, but still no music played.

On April 4, 2019, my husband died.  On the 10th of April, I was sitting in his recliner reading my devotion and missing him so much.  I thought if only the clock would play music.  I kept thinking this, until I came out of that chair, fists clinched and very loudly said, “God, can’t you let that clock play just one more time?”  “Just one more time?”  That was at exactly 8:15AM.  With tears streaming down my face, I left the room.  I was two rooms away and at exactly 9:00AM I heard music not heard in three years.  Into the living room I flew to be sure I was hearing what I thought was playing.  It was the most beautiful music I believe these ears had ever heard!  All I could do was lift my hands in Praise to God for answering my simple prayer.

As I stood there watching and listening, it dawned on me that the Crown had never stopped moving.  Just like Christ heard the simple prayer of a heartbroken woman, He had never stopped hearing my prayers no matter how small.

To this day, two years later, the clock has not stopped working, playing music or the Crown moving.  The batteries have not been replaced in two years either.  I have been so blessed to share this story with a lot of people.  A gift from God to His Daughter in her time of need.  All this says is that He hears the simplest of prayers from His Children.  No prayer is ever too small for the Father to answer.