March 2020

Where is Jesus?


Do you ever wonder where Jesus is when everything is falling apart?  Maybe you didn’t know that Jesus is really with you.

Where is Jesus?2020-03-27T22:08:54-04:00

The Fearful World


I had no idea when I wrote my last post about the fearful American Christian that the world would practically fall apart

The Fearful World2020-03-21T12:42:11-04:00

August 2019

Trust: The antidote to doubt


God has been speaking to me so much since writing my last blog. That was one of the most honest and transparent

Trust: The antidote to doubt2019-08-27T12:57:37-04:00

November 2018

Growing through traveling


I’m sitting on a plane traveling home from Breckenridge, CO. I’m thinking about all of the times I’ve flown on a plane

Growing through traveling2018-11-11T16:12:47-05:00

March 2017

February 2017

Under His wings


No doubt, facebook has changed the temperature of community. Now everything we think ends up in black and white on a screen.

Under His wings2017-02-26T13:21:04-05:00

May 2015

September 2012

“Becoming Me” (Body, Soul AND Spirit)


An excerpt from my book, “Can God Really Speak Through a Pelican?”  Chapter 3 – Becoming Me, Body, Soul AND Spirit   (written several

“Becoming Me” (Body, Soul AND Spirit)2012-09-18T20:41:16-04:00

July 2012

Lessons from a Jet Ski


What a month!  I have been facing long seated fears and watching my Savior gently lead me through each step of my

Lessons from a Jet Ski2012-07-02T16:07:10-04:00

June 2012

The most awful “F” word – FEAR!


What are YOU afraid of?  What has fear kept you from doing your entire life?  God’s word tell us that God did

The most awful “F” word – FEAR!2012-06-18T21:48:31-04:00
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