October 2020

Are you safe?


What makes you feel safe?  Safety is extremely important to me.  Since I scored a 6 on the Enneagram it reinforced what

Are you safe?2021-01-21T12:27:18-05:00

May 2020



How’s everyone doing?  I believe this may be week 10 or 11 of our quarantine.  I was so proud of Tim and


October 2013

Naked Crazy Dreams


I have to share a recent conversation between my grandson and my son:  “Hey Dad, ya know that time you wake up

Naked Crazy Dreams2021-01-21T12:40:07-05:00

February 2012

The Bible is clear that something died!


Oh my goodness!  I’m on a roll and I can’t stop!  I never expected my blogs to be so much “teaching.”  And,

The Bible is clear that something died!2021-01-21T12:49:06-05:00
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