When is the last time that you witnessed something happening in your life that could only be explained because of the intervention of God?  I had a pastor years ago who asked that question quite often. It has been coming to my mind a lot this week.   God loves to “show out” in our lives. Is there something going on right now that needs a supernatural intervention?  We have a Heavenly Father that delights in doing the impossible. Luke 18:27

Whether you are needing tangible provision or some other type of provision, God cares.  He tell us in His word that God will provide for ALL of your needs.  Philippians 4:19 Do you believe Him?  No, God is not a genie in the bottle that grants your every wish, however, He is God and He is love and He truly cares.  And He plainly tells us in His word to ask and you shall receive.   As a child I heard in Sunday School that His answers are always yes, no or not now.  And He has a reason for each answer even if we don’t understand.

Are you asking God for what you need?   I delight in meeting the needs and even some of the wants of my four grandson’s.  (Okay actually it’s MOST of their wants.)  The bible says that if we as human beings want to give good gifts to our children how much more does our Heavenly Father in heaven want to give gifts to us.  Matthew 7:7-11

I recently became a Juice Plus distributor.  I believe in the product and I believe God has led me to join the organization.  I have something beneficial to offer people but I was told that I will hear “no” many more times before I hear “yes, I’d like to have some Juice Plus.”  That happens to be the case when you raise support for ministry also.  Does that mean I stop asking?  How many ministries would close their doors or businesses go bankrupt if they gave up and quit asking.

Prayer is a mystery and I, by no means, totally understand it.  But I believe many believers never even ask their Heavenly Father for the things they need.  We have become self sufficient in every way.  But God delights in dependence.  He went to great lengths to become one with you.  He purchased you with the price of His son’s blood.  He loves being in relationship with you.  So how’s your relationship?  Do you talk with him?  Do you listen to Him?  Do you ask for what you need?  Do you wait patiently for your needs to be met knowing that if He doesn’t answer you in the way you want that there is a reason?

The enemy would love for you to get discouraged and to stop asking.  I’m encouraging you to keep asking.  I have lived on support for many many years and I can tell you story after story of miraculous provision.  It can honestly be an adventure to live in dependence on your Heavenly Father.  Just today we were blessed with a surprise gift that meet a very specific need!  Thank you Lord!

Over the years I have also had many emotional and relational needs.  Are you hurting?  Are you asking God for what you need?  Are you understanding that when you hurt, HE hurts too!  He’s IN you!  If you are not getting the answers you desire, there is a reason.  HE has promised to never leave you and He will meet the deepest needs of your heart.

So let’s stop living as orphans and act like the children of the King of Kings.  For that is what we are! I John 3:1 I John 4:17