RLM will be celebrating their 10th Anniversary in 2016!  We have been passionate about helping individuals and couples resolve emotional and relational pain, as well as, teach people their identity in Christ.  A few years ago my passion grew to include helping women in the area of the physical aspect of their lives.  God created us body, soul and spirit. (I Thes. 5)  God wants us to live a whole and fulfilling life in every area.  I have watched women hurt over their relationship with their bodies for years and years. Not to mention that I, too, found myself struggling in this area.  My passion to help others and myself in this area grew with each passing year.  How can you help and benefit others if you always feel bad?  How can you serve if you physically hurt?  How can you be content if you are in pain?

We have been learning the benefit of raw fruits and vegetables over this past year.  God created our bodies to respond to good nurtrition.  Just like a car that needs good oil and good gas in order to run as it was designed; our bodies also need good nutrition.  If we treat our car badly, it will not run.  Our bodies also shut down through sickness when we fill it with chemicals, sugar and preservatives.

Our food industry and culture have failed us!  Our insurance and  health care system is chaotic and can no longer be whole heartedly trusted.  But we are not victims and we are not helpless.  We can decide to educate ourselves and make better choices.  We can take charge of our health.    We are in this “fallen” world but we are not OF this world.  We are citizens of the household of God.  We are blessed with every spiritual blessing from the heavenlies.  We can have the mind of Christ.  We can choose self control because it is a fruit of the Spirit.   Addictions to food and sugar are running rampant but what did Jesus say?  In this world you will have trouble but take heart, I have overcome the world. He then tells us that when we come into a relationship with him through salvation that He comes to live inside of us and wants to live THROUGH us.   So the God that raised Jesus from the dead, the God that made the universe, the God that healed the sick; LIVES IN YOU.

It IS God’s will for you to be healthy in every area of your person.  Healthy in your body, soul and spirit.  I’m reminded of the story of the man who endured a horrible flood.  The water was filling up his house so he got on the roof and prayed to God.  A boat came by and offered to help him but  he said he was praying for God to help him.  A helicopter flew over the house and the pilot called down to help him.  He said, “No thank you. I’m praying for God to help me.”  A neighbor rowed by in a canoe and said, “Hop on in.”  He responded with “No Thank you.   I’m praying to God.”  He then died and went to heaven.  He could not wait to ask God, “Why, please tell me why did you not rescue me?”  God said, “I sent you a neighbor, a boat and a helicopter.”  I remember hearing that story as a child and laughing but there is a lot of truth in this story.  We pray for help but we are not willing to do the things God shows us to do.  We CAN make a decision through the power of God in us to change some of our habits.  And we must remember that we do have an enemy that robs, steals and destroys.  Our health is one of those areas that he wants destroyed.

As discouaging as it is to see the quality of some of our healthcare and the crisis of what is happening with our insurance; God wants to use it to help you take charge of your life.  There is no better time to take care of yourself.  If you do, you won’t need so much insurance and medical care.  If you do, you will be amazed at how good you feel.  If you do, you will be thrilled with the quality of your life.  (I think we get so used to feeling bad and living mediocre lives that we slowly creep toward an early death; much like the frog who is being slowly boiled in a pot of water.)

God created our bodies to respond to water, exercise, deep breathing, proper rest and good nutrition.  It’s a no brainer.  I’m just sorry I didn’t wake up my brain before becoming 56 years old.  But it’s NEVER too late.

Choose well.  Make the changes you know you need to make.  You CAN do it.  If you need help, we can talk to you about a great way to flood your body with fruits and vegetables through Juice Plus, but regardless, choose your food wisely.  Find what works for you.  I will risk a possible judgement of my motives by telling you about Juice Plus because I know it works.  If you choose this same road we are taking, feel free to purchase from another source.  It truly is about helping people to choose well, feel better and to live the life they were created to live.