Several weeks ago Rebekah promised you would hear from me regarding our move.  I’m the first to admit that I am NOT a writer, therefore, Rebekah is helping with this post.  This coming weekend we will be traveling to GA to get all of our possessions out of storage and bring them to our new home.  It’s so hard to believe that in January of this year we did not even know we were going to sell our house.  Everything has happened quickly.  I have loved our 8 acres of land in Newnan.  We lived there 27 years and it was my dream.  I believe it is now time to give Rebekah her dream.

I’ll admit I was being stretched, as I agreed to make this move.  People would talk to us and see Rebekah’s excitement and see my hesitation.  It says a lot about our different personalities.  I truly believed it was time to sell our home and wanted to meet the desires of Rebekah’s heart.  However, the unknown is hard for most people.  I did make one stipulation.  I did not want to live in Florida if we didn’t have a view of the water.

I laugh when I tell people I thought Rebekah would move to the beach after I was dead.  But God knew that I loved the beach too.  And I can finally relax when we sit on the beach watching the beautiful sunset.  Long story short, God gave us exactly what we wanted.  We found a condo with a beautiful view and we have been having a blast getting it ready for our move.  The peace we both feel is evident that we are where we are suppose to be.  And we look forward to seeing how God will use Royal Life Ministries in this new community.  We are now available to schedule future appointments for Zoom counseling.

To grow in our faith we sometimes have to leave our comfort zone.  I’m so glad I chose to trust God even when it was hard.  Rebekah was convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt as she watched so many confirmations.  So I chose to also trust God IN Rebekah.  We are one and when she is struggling, I am strong and vice versa.  We trust God in each other.  So on to this new adventure!  We will keep you posted.