Once upon a time in a land far away, 7 1/2 hours to be exact, there was a damsel in distress. One night under the starry disco ball she met her dancing boy. The Distressed Damsel was in a whole new world and she loved it. She had recently escaped the land of heartache and legalism and wanted to be free. Dancing Boy was a great dancer and an even greater kisser. Distressed Damsel and Dancing Boy got married and before long they had a baby boy. Distressed Damsel and Dancing Boy struggled a lot! Distressed Damsel took her distress out on Dancing Boy. She cried and cried but Dancing boy was smitten! He said, “I’ll do whatever it takes to make you happy!” He tried and tried and tried. Distressed Damsel was in a lot of pain and believed, “You cannot make me happy!” Next thing you know a baby girl joined the family.

At this point, Distressed Damsel and Dancing Boy desperately needed help. Life is too short to be in so much pain. So, they found a wounded healer that helped them sort out their struggles. Two steps forward and one step back was their journey for years and years.

The evil dragon was alive and well in the land. He hated happiness, contentment and love. He had great power and an evil heart. He could even insert thoughts into Distressed Damsel and Dancing Boy’s minds. They often heard, “This is too hard! This will never work! We are destroying our kids! We are better off apart! The grass IS greener on the other side!” The Wounded Healer began to equip them for battle. They had no idea those thoughts were not their thoughts. It sounded just like them. Wounded Healer taught them to say NO to these thoughts! He also began to help them slowly pull out the fiery darts that were in their hearts. He had a magic potion called “Forgiveness” that he began to pour onto their wounds. Their hearts began to heal.

Dancing Boy actually caught Distressed Damsel smiling one day. The battle was fierce. She even thought, “I feel happy. I don’t want to feel happy. It feels too scary.” But Wounded Healer helped open her eyes to how her entire life was sad, so sad emotions were her comfort zone. “Could we actually be happy?”, she thought. Distressed Damsel began to grow and spend more and more time with Wounded Healer’s Father. He was a loving and kind gentleman! He began to tell her who she really was. He said, “We can define your hurts Damsel, but don’t let your hurts define you!” She began to glow! Father reached down and put Damsel into a deep sleep.

Dancing Boy was worried and began looking near and far for Distressed Damsel. He checked with Wounded Healer, and he said, “Check with my Father.” “He lives just past the pearly gates on Holy Street.”  Dancing Boy found the right house and rang the doorbell. The bell awakened Damsel and she almost didn’t recognize herself. She felt a confidence that she could not explain. Father opened the door and Dancing Boy asked, “Have you seen my Distressed Damsel?” He said, “Yes, please come in!” Dancing Boy had never seen such a loving man! Father gave him a strong hug and Dancing Boy fell into a deep sleep. He awakened a mighty man of valor! He looked around in disbelief! He thought, “What’s happening to me?” Father put their hands together and said, “Go in peace!” Dancing Boy took Damsel’s hand and said, “Because of who we are and whose we are, we can be happy and leave a legacy that will change lives.” “Our Father already slayed the mean dragon and he’s healed our deep wounds. Nothing can stop us now. And our children and grandchildren are being claimed for the Kingdom of our Father.” Damsel believed him!!!

They then lived happily ever after at the beach in a waterfront condo preparing a place for their beloved family to enjoy with them. Father did one more thing. He changed their names. Dancing Boy was no longer Dancing Boy. His name was “Accepted Son of God.” The Damsel in Distress is now called, “Daughter of Zion.” And the Father lives in them to use them for His very own ROYAL Kingdom.