September 2023

Relaxing – It’s good for the body.


  Relaxing can be easier said than done.  Especially in the high-strung world we live in today.  Our culture is full of

Relaxing – It’s good for the body.2023-10-01T11:05:41-04:00

May 2021

The Unknown


Our lives look nothing like it’s ever looked before.  We are leaving our home and moving to another state.  Lots of people

The Unknown2021-05-31T12:33:33-04:00

January 2021



Are you sure? Are you positive?  We are living in a world where anything can be published, recorded or shouted from the


October 2020

Are you safe?


What makes you feel safe?  Safety is extremely important to me.  Since I scored a 6 on the Enneagram it reinforced what

Are you safe?2021-01-21T12:27:18-05:00

July 2020



Tim and I enjoy walking to the end of our road in the evenings and counting how many deer we can see.


March 2020

The Fearful World


I had no idea when I wrote my last post about the fearful American Christian that the world would practically fall apart

The Fearful World2021-01-21T12:29:53-05:00

February 2020

The Fearful American Christian


I am in no way putting down fellow believers, but addressing something I struggle with and wonder how many others might struggle

The Fearful American Christian2021-01-21T12:29:59-05:00

February 2017

Under His wings


No doubt, facebook has changed the temperature of community. Now everything we think ends up in black and white on a screen.

Under His wings2021-01-21T12:34:27-05:00

May 2015

When peace like a river attendeth my soul!


This hymn dates back many years and is song by scores of people through out the world.  The story behind the song,

When peace like a river attendeth my soul!2021-01-21T12:36:13-05:00

February 2015

Have a love affair with your body


What?!?!?!?!?!  I just needed a title to get your attention.  Actually, I am coming to a new understanding of the importance of

Have a love affair with your body2021-01-21T12:37:17-05:00
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