February 2024

Emotional Healing


Many times, emotional healing will come to your heart layer by layer.  The expert healer A/K/A/ Father, Son and Holy Spirit knows

Emotional Healing2024-02-23T11:55:32-05:00

July 2023

November 2022

Who do I believe?


If you have been in the circle of people who attend church, or who were raised in a Christian home, or consider

Who do I believe?2022-11-17T14:38:03-05:00

June 2022

Forgiveness is a choice


I knew forgiveness was important, but I didn’t have a clue as to how to forgive. Our counselor took us to Colossians

Forgiveness is a choice2022-06-16T22:56:34-04:00

May 2022

Does God care that I’m hurting?


Recently, our family went through a serious and scary emergency with our 13-year-old grandson, Elliott. Our son took him to Urgent Care

Does God care that I’m hurting?2022-05-09T15:55:49-04:00

September 2021

The God of Comfort


There is nothing like the supernatural presence of God.  Whether it be in a counseling session when a client is having numerous

The God of Comfort2021-09-22T08:16:18-04:00

March 2017

November 2014

When I don’t want to live


I believe there are very few people in this world that have never heard that nagging thought, “I do not want to

When I don’t want to live2021-01-21T12:37:45-05:00

August 2014

Can God really speak through a dog?


Excerpt from “Can God Really Speak Through a Pelican?”  by Rebekah Royal Chapter 11- Free to love I had an interesting conversation

Can God really speak through a dog?2021-01-21T12:38:03-05:00

May 2014



Rejection! Now that’s a word that no one likes!  Whether the rejection is real or perceived, it hurts!  But I have great

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