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May 2020



How’s everyone doing?  I believe this may be week 10 or 11 of our quarantine.  I was so proud of Tim and


April 2020

Growing in your faith


Did you know that life is a classroom?  We learn, develop, change, and evolve into the person God intended us to be

Growing in your faith2020-04-29T01:23:02-04:00

What is eternal life?


When we ask people that important question we usually get the same answer.  It’s living forever in heaven.  I believe the Bible

What is eternal life?2020-04-11T14:33:29-04:00

March 2020

Where is Jesus?


Do you ever wonder where Jesus is when everything is falling apart?  Maybe you didn’t know that Jesus is really with you.

Where is Jesus?2020-03-27T22:08:54-04:00

The Fearful World


I had no idea when I wrote my last post about the fearful American Christian that the world would practically fall apart

The Fearful World2020-03-21T12:42:11-04:00

February 2020

The Fearful American Christian


I am in no way putting down fellow believers, but addressing something I struggle with and wonder how many others might struggle

The Fearful American Christian2020-02-27T14:55:36-05:00

Love is…


Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, a day for all to celebrate the wonderful characteristic of love.  I started to say, the emotion of

Love is…2020-02-15T12:05:56-05:00

November 2019

God loves me


I’ve heard my entire life that when you don’t feel close to God it is because you are the one that moved. But think about it. How can you move away from someone that is inside of you? If you have closed your ears to His voice could it be because you feel shame over something? Don’t forget that the scriptures tell us, ‘There is therefore NOW no condemnation to those who are In Christ Jesus.” Admit any sin in your life and receive His forgiveness and move forward.

God loves me2019-11-17T14:02:35-05:00

September 2019

My pleasure


The words “My pleasure” have become famous with the well known Chick-fil-A usage of the word over and over in their business.

My pleasure2019-09-15T23:47:57-04:00

August 2019

Trust: The antidote to doubt


God has been speaking to me so much since writing my last blog. That was one of the most honest and transparent

Trust: The antidote to doubt2019-08-27T12:57:37-04:00
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