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February 2020

Love is…


Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, a day for all to celebrate the wonderful characteristic of love.  I started to say, the emotion of

Love is…2021-01-21T12:30:16-05:00

November 2019

God loves me


I’ve heard my entire life that when you don’t feel close to God it is because you are the one that moved. But think about it. How can you move away from someone that is inside of you? If you have closed your ears to His voice could it be because you feel shame over something? Don’t forget that the scriptures tell us, ‘There is therefore NOW no condemnation to those who are In Christ Jesus.” Admit any sin in your life and receive His forgiveness and move forward.

God loves me2021-01-21T12:30:32-05:00

September 2019

My pleasure


The words “My pleasure” have become famous with the well known Chick-fil-A usage of the word over and over in their business.

My pleasure2021-01-21T12:30:48-05:00

August 2019

Trust: The antidote to doubt


God has been speaking to me so much since writing my last blog. That was one of the most honest and transparent

Trust: The antidote to doubt2019-08-27T12:57:37-04:00

Confessions of a doubter


When you hear the word doubt what comes to your mind? If you have been around the Bible for any length of

Confessions of a doubter2021-01-21T12:30:55-05:00

July 2019

After Salvation


None of these things are FOR your salvation but will help you grow in your faith, which results in great fulfillment and influence. YOU CAN GROW! II Peter 3:18

After Salvation2021-01-21T12:31:11-05:00

What happened to me at salvation?


I BELONG AND I AM FORGIVEN! Colossians 1:13-14 - For He has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and bought us

What happened to me at salvation?2021-01-21T12:31:19-05:00

What is salvation?


If you were raised in the church, you are very familiar with the term salvation. What seems familiar to many people is

What is salvation?2021-01-21T12:31:26-05:00

In the face of death


No one likes to think about death. However, the older a person gets the more the subject will arise through conversations or

In the face of death2021-01-21T12:31:42-05:00

June 2019

Part Two – Why pray?


Last week I started off my blog explaining that I often thought of questions regarding prayer. I truly did not understand it.

Part Two – Why pray?2021-01-21T12:31:50-05:00
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